[Verse 1 - Xzibit]
isijals in the xman phenomenal
xfiles the chronical
aerostautical nautical
magnifisent beat
xzibit stick to the scipt
you can be bullishin brada
your ass 'll still get demolished
pollished to keepin the mollished
my niggas eat like parranahs
we party stupid retarded
most niggas jaded and gaurded
cause they not popular product
this aint no gucci or prada
this is a topless impala
north hollywood body armour for
when they come with that drama
(for when they come with that drama)
so i continue the saga
move out the path of the lava
move in position to conquer
you have created a monsta
wake up and call outr the culprit
i never weaken or soften
might catch me weezin or coughin
because i blaze very often
i need to knock that shit off but shit
i got problems my nigga
and they get bigga and bigga
you cannot solve with a trigga
this is a pivitol moment
this is a time of atonement
this is my world and i own it
so come and take if you want it
please god forgive me for sinnin winnin
and makin a killin
witness revenge of the villain
sexual healin from women
i bust a nut to the ceilin
i crash a plane in they building
but now im married with children
have her emballish the millions
im in another direction
life blessed has taken its blessings
you need to hear my confessions
forever walk with a weapon
i live and die like a soldier(i live and die like a soldier)
c'mon let take this thing over

[Verse 2 - Xzibit]
nigga pass it and master my masterpiece
niggas have the audacity
tryin to doubt the capacity
of your heiness your majesty
what the fuck is you askin me
what my accurate accuracy
and imaculate facult
with a nation in back of me
i see promise in situations evolvin atracities
i just hustle and hustle
because it comes to me naturally
ima buffalo soldier clappin you back to jahova
c'mon lets take this shit over(c'mon lets take this shit over)
ima super nova eclipse all your current events
this aint no novelty spittin hotter than bar-b-q pits
im bar-b-q dick trigas feel good in my grip
you showin off for the cameras
when i just stick to the scipt
people get hollywood quick
when people thinkin you sinkin
i got everybody thinkin i gotta problem with drinkin
im just enjoying my weekend
so stay the fuck out my business
i roll with serial killas(i roll with serial killas)

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