I can tell you how I feel
Nothing shadey nothing extreme
This is the me coming clean...
My heart ain`t built like Fort Knox
I`m flesh and blood there`s no rocks
You keep on changing your heart
You keep me falling apart.

And I once loved you
You`ve turned my heart upside down
I`m no-one`s fool and no-one`s clown.
Yes I once loved you
When life was sweetness and light
You turned my day into my night.

You can`t tell me how you feel
You`re the limit off on your own
Turn the head then turn back and you`re gone...
I know I`ve got the odd fault
But you`re my wound and my salt
You`re Brutus stabbing away
You`ve nothing at the end of the day.

I can tell you how I feel
Real excitement collides with the day
Life has sparkle since you walked away...
My one regret is the time
So much lost ignoring the signs
But I`m busy trying to catch up
Happiness is once more a hope.

Yes I once loved you
So we all make our mistakes
We take our falls we take our breaks.
How I once loved you
So deep I`d drown in your hold
But what was hot has gone too cold.

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