Goin' Off The Deep End


vistas 4

Baby now you're lookin' so fine
I bet she'd fit me like a glove
Now, wait a minute, hold the line
I ain't got time to be in love
I'm gonna set this world on fire—fire
Do my livin' on the edge
Take every shot, down to the wire—wire
Burnin' up—burnin' up
Movin' straight ahead
Goin' off the deep end
Every day's a weekend—when I do it my way
Oh, I'm
Goin' off the deep end
Just tryin' to keep from sinkin' ‘long the way
Sittin' on top of the world
It's easy come and easy go
In walks a beautiful girl
Just in time to steal the show
It's stimulation by the hour—hour
Chasing the good life—day to day
You like it loud—I like it louder—louder
Turn it up—turn it up
We're goin' all the way