'Bout 20 miles from Namensfield before the town was formed
Under an old oak tree by the river bank, Amanda Rose was born
Into a well-built house painted white, she still lives today
Amanda Rose was brought for blankets and a home to stay

Her daddy owned a farm, and on a tractor he did steer
Among the rows of corn and the apples trees she spent her early years
And while playin' on her farm with brother Will, her best friend,
Amanda Rose could not have known that her happiness would end

The empty look upon her face hides the story she will never tell
As she sits quietly by the riverside
No one knows what happened to her on that
Day so many years ago, Amanda Rose,
Of County Edinb'rough

Around the time when she was ten, or so the story goes
A full moon casted light upon the graveyard down the road
Police they found her family slain, no answers to be known
Only a tightness 'round her eyes was what Amanda Rose had shown

[ Chorus ]

Today I walk the river's edge, the women on my arm
Her hair just like the faded paint on the house up by the farm
My mother once watched over her, and I promised her I'd stay
And take care of old Amanda Rose until her final day

[ Chorus ]

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