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Its In Me

Young Turk

1-When I start to spray
Clear the way ducking shots
Cause once my gun cock
I then aim and pop
Im a donkey nigga, look here a untamed guirrella
Wilder than willa TC representer
Known for spending big spitting about 50
Plus Im quick to ride and give it to you bitches
A low down nigga
Always have always will
Uptown nigga, young and thuggin,
Ready to kill
In my blood and my veins be the way that I be
All I know is killin
Murder, drama, no peace
Lil nigga 19 got off the porch early
I don did it all believe that ya heard me
Nigga who like testing ya nuts dont ya do it
I dont hesitate especially if ya blew it
Ya set I run through it like a mad man
Dont think I wont do it
Leave ya mama sad man
Chrous: Its in me my nigga to be the thug dat I be
Its in me my nigga to wear beagats on rollies
Its in me my nigga to wear T's, Baud's, and Ree's
Its in me my nigga, its in my nigga (2x)
2-Its in my blood stream whodie to be the nigga that I am
Tought gats, flips hats, take a nigga from his fam
Nothing but streets shit is all a nigga know
Knocking you off your feet quick is all a nigga know
Drive bys and pull ups Im prepared anyday
Thugging as usual I do that everyday
Bitch niggas get roasted if they not from round my way
In the middle of the Quarters in one of them hallways
Quick to steal ya look Im real I aint fake
Give ya ass a murder scene in the middle of yellow tape
Put a hole in ya thinking cap
You wont be thinkin no more
Nigga you'll be put to nap
A young nigga play it raw raw
And X your bitch ass out
Me and my nigga Rack quick to run up in yo house
Fuck it I goes out cause its in me my nigga
When its a coke drought I told em send me my nigga
3-Im the one they talking about
Original hotboy, lil Turk nigga
Run up and get shot boy
With a long gun, a K with rounds in it
Nigga show that ya done
When Im spinning or grillin
None stop cousin that chopper a fool yea
Get a nigga mind right thats what it do yea
Blood and brains all over the streets
Is what ya see nigga fucking with me
Ill do you something awful
Split ya shit real deep
Close casket what ya have
Front row for ya peeps
I gear up in black
Somebody dying tonight
Look load up the Mac
Its time to ride tonight
Im disguised like a woman
Mask over my face
Gloves on my hands
Look no evidence for the case
Look thats how its gotta be done
Did smart and smooth
If you dont want trouble
Nigga betta be cool
Chrous: (til the end)

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