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Pedal To The Steel


I woke up around two, the sun was shinin' on me
Pressed my jeans, cleaned my shoes
Filled up the ride and floored it Top dropped down, vibe oncool
Let's see what flavors roamin',
'Cause I don't wanna be with nothin' and I don't feel likepushin'
Nothin' short of the red line, the spot's hot now
Call my crew 'cause they know how to party
Got to make sure I'm smooth, dressed to impress
I'm 'bout it
All I wanna do is ride

So let's roll, you know,
How, we do, when I'm in a state of mind to cruise
It's so simple
Put the pedal to the steel and let it go

Cruzin' with my homies, Youngstown in full effect,
Gotta go and cash my check, and find something to do
But for now we're
Slidin' havin a good time
Just so sublime, findin' peace of mind, in my ridin' time.
Radio's playin' my favorite song, tell my boy to turn it up
The day is short but the road is long, so lets burn it up
When the sun goes down that's okay, keep ridin' away,
It's been one hell of a day, doin' things my own way

Let's ride
I got the keys to the Expo
Rims low, let's go no matter where we go we rock the show
Radio loud drawing a crowd, party's at the stoplight
We rock the mic hype from Chi-Town to Y- Town, we gets down
now look what I found out some girls in a rover
pull over got to get that number real Quick.
Yo baby what's up I like your truck
your smiles makin' me blush rolling with Youngstown
Is a must, that's right you know how we do me and my crew
mob action relaxing no slackin I'm stacking
Them chips makin them hits Kel Rock and them Y-town kids
so throw your hands up and let's roll - come on y'all

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Compuesta por: Chris Browne / Kenny Blank / Shaffer Smith / Wade Robson. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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