You say that I alone can change the world
But I know, it's by the Spirit of the Lord
Come fill me up to overflow
Your ways amaze me and they make me say
Your name is lifted high above the earth
I'm gonna make You famous

I will sing, i will dance, I will shout Your praises
I will run, I will fly, Cause I'm free inside
I will seek, I will find You Jesus
I will live, I'm alive when I shout your praises
I won't give up, won't give in, never turn away
I'm so crazy for you Jesus
I'm so crazy for you Jesus

You are my God, You're everything to me

was blind but now I see
I was lost but I'm found in You Jesus
You calm the raging seas
I'll tell the world it's Your power that set me free

King will come, kings will go
Nations rise, nations fall
But at the end of it all
I say jesus Christ is Lord

My God God, my God
You hold the nations in Your hands
And I stand
In awesome wonder of Your name

You're King of heaven
Yet You still love me
I'll shout the glory of Your name

You're the truth and You're the life
You're the only way that I could follow
You hold the stars in their place
No one compares to the glory of Your name

I living for Your glory
You're the only one who's worthy of my life
Every knee will bow, every tongue confess
Jesus Christ is Lord

The glory of Your name

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