I'm sipping pink Lucozade
We're blazing on that new found haze
I'm seeing in the blacks and grays
I'm hoping that the basket sways

Left to right, sit and talk shit all night
Does that make it right for smoke
Maybe, or am I just seeing shit?
Seeing the pain inside in this house of fear

You don't even wanna know
About the things I hear
Quick fix, headlines shine bright
You're the fuckin' deal
I'm just wishing it's ambition
That got you your position
You'll be fishing for far too long
You're the bad guy in this movie
And I ain't wrong
I don't breathe the pollution
And the only solution
Is making shit confusing

Ain't about who's winning or losing
It's 'bout the path you're choosing
Time heals pain and promotes self-soothing
When the scars are gone
You can't see bruising
Wanna take these watches
Chains and gold rings
I'm getting caught up
In the feelings that they bring
A lack of sanity, losing touch with reality
Smoking too much
It's starting to fog up my clarity
Traveling in the day
But you're still looking far to me

Bullseye, you the dot to me
Emotions splattered, same pattern
Can't even begin to spot 'em
I'm sad about shit that never happened

No lies in my eyes
Nothing but truth will leave my mouth
I'm tryna fuckin' scream
But the words won't come out
I'm tryna fuckin' scream
But the words won't come out

She's older, I told her we ain't meant to be
It takes two not three
But I'm here, anyway
I hope he's leaving soon
Started not to see the elephant in this room
Disguise is your perfume
But the smell of it consumes
It takes all my mind
You can search the world
But you will never find

I see everything you've done to me
Be there, you run to me
I don't need to pace
I don't need the stamina
If this shit was it, girl
I probably woulda ran from ya
Kept runnin', outwit, cause you cunnin'
That outfit cause you stunnin'
Begging cause I'm losing mage

Got me feeling some type of way I can't explain
The fuck is going on? I think I got it wrong
When I told you I was over you
Under me

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