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It comes as no surprise
More control devised, it's closer, personal
Meant for all to succumb to
Sadly, the usual Christian enemies
Are on the same side as I am
In rejecting the chip and nothing more
It's more than paranoia
Fucking fascist government lies

We are mere pawns for their control
We are told over and over
This time we can not ignore

Tagged and tracked another animal
Computer chip inside your skull
Compromise freedom for peace of mind
You're never free under watching eyes

You'll never be found
No where to run, no one can hide you
They'll know how you live
What you buy, who you're with and when you'll die
It is here
It is real, our right to privacy
Stolen and revealed
There's no way to live if you let this exist

What makes you think you're exempt?
How much choking can you take?
It's happening, make no mistake
Painless brain washing from which we must awake

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