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My Bond With You And Your Planet: Disco!

Zita Swoon

I have a bond with fear
And with my space truck gear
I'm the caped crusader

I've a bond with wisdom
I've a bond with poverty
I've a bond with the way we're cruising
Down the path of liberty

Hey now baby
You want my advice
You get on up, down, turn around, hit the ground, come abouttwice

I've a bond like a Spanish fury
I've a bond down in Mexico
I had a bond when everybody knew that
I pulled the plugs and
pulled the domino

I said come on baby
You want my advice
You better change your hairdo
'Cause that bond's my vice

Last week I came to town to
Get my ass to boogie around
I saw this girl, she looked so fine
I asked:"You want a bond with me tonight?"
Come on momma
You better think about it twice
'Cause this here boy's got
The rolling dice

Oh now baby
That's what I always say
When I go skating on thin ice
You're so marvellous!
Brand new!

Oh baby let's not get to pihilosophical
And stay true men and human

Super trooper boogaloo
Stickin' to my body with a wizard of glue
Extra mixture ricochet
Is gonna get my soul through the discoday
Donkey funky slapping horn
Has made her slip on out of the clothes she worn
Inky pinky superwine
Me & my fat guitar will have a real good time

I'm gonna rollercoaster down to her down below
I'm gonna have to dive on down
To her down below

I'm gonna have to move this party
To her down below
And see the slow
At her down below

A, B, C, D

Detroit detroit chicago New york!

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