Your Feline Beauty Is Physical Proof That
Love Is Woman Baby, Love Is The Truth
Well I Ain't A Woman That's For Sure
I'll Say Anything To Get You On The Floor
You Look So Fine Pure And Good
I Wanna Throw You On The Ground Babe
And Cover You In Mud
Silver Tongued But I Ain't No Liar
Baby Baby Baby Set My Bed On Fire

I'm The Tattooed Beat Messiah
Baby Nobody Can Take You Higher

I'm The Reverb Saint I'm The King Of Flies
I Think You Guessed I Ain't Like Other Guys
Lay Down, Lie Back, Shut Up, Submit
Peel It Off Baby This Is It.
I Got A Six Shooting Schizo Psycho Rod
Kiss The Barrel Baby Meet Your God
Sparkle Dust At My Finger Tips
Gonna Burn Your Butt, Bruise Your Lips

I'm The Tattooed Beat Messiah
I Said Nobody Can Take You Higher

This Gun Never Waits This Gun Devestates
Crystal Clear I Got A Diamond Shot
Gonna Kill You Twice Baby I'm Red Hot
Lots Of Girls Tried They Lied And Died
Got To Close To The Starry Host
Grease Baby Dirt Trash Sex Appeal
Zip Fly Pop I Feel Too Real Kill
Me Tattooed Beat Messiah.

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