vistas 10

Intro (translation)


My name is t to the e the d y
We'll start running and we won't stop
Let's make a new start in our hearts
Lend me your ears and i'll relieve all your tension
Now who else in seoul can rock the way we do?
Me and t got it locked, we hype ya mama too
It's not serious, it's just all to be enjoyed
We'll just say its all for fun
I was born in 1978, a normal child
Park hungjun, otherwise known as teddy
Hip-hop minded man, you know i got it
4 all the tunes i drop
You'll be as hyped as hyped can be
I'll make you make the change from snotty to hooty
I'm going to take everything i can out out of my life
Move everybody say ladi dadi we likes to party