Here we are, Twenty 4 Seven
Once again with a new danceflow.
And let me tell you it feels like heaven,
To be a part of a three-man show.
It is a dream cometrue and a fantasy,
A very real paradise to me.
I'm living in the middle of my dream,
Do you know what I mean?

Let's move and dance, shake it,
Because we are right here to break it.
RVR has made the sound for you,
So let go, that's all you need to do.
Look at the moves on the floor,
Getting down on happy music.
Don't ever try to ignore,
Cause it's there, so please use it.
Hey! get loose now,
Cause RVR's in the air.
And he's gonna make you do now,
So lot me see you stop if you dare.
Gimme more, 'till I'm satisfied,
Take control and party all night.
We are here, we are there,
Twenty 4 Seven is everywhere!

Let's put down and make it clear,
I don't know why we are here.
But it's alive and kickin',
Just like a clock that's tickin'.
Move, stand up, get busy,
Roll around, don't get dizzy.
It's easy, like ABC,
Look around, come down and see.
What's the secret, what's the key,
If you know, stand up and tell me.
Is it the way we make the people dance,
May be the vocals of Nance.
That's it, that's all, now you know,
We've come to the end of the show.
Don't be surprised when you see us, that's
How it was.

Can you gimme more, is it all for me?
All for only me?
Can you gimme more, I can't believe it's real.
Everything I feel.

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