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Right Where It Counts

2 Gether

We're alone in the room
Playin' hexan and doom
And now you're tellin' me goodbye
So you want us apart
That puts a knife in my heart
And a tear welling up in my eye

But let me remind you
How much you have been blind too
You've totally changed me
Mixed me up, rearranged me
My hair how you like
Quit hangin' with Mike
And now you repay me
By tryin' to slay me

I want you to know
That you hit me too low
And that I can barely breathe
If I told you that I'm bleeding inside
Would you let me get off my knees

Right where it counts
That's where you hit me
Right where it counts
I'm on my knees
Right where it counts
Stop kicking me, please
Right where it counts

C'mon, c'mon, yeah
Right where it counts

I used to play football
I once was a goofball
But you didn't like that
No, you didn't like that
The guys call me whipped
My popularity slipped
Because you just wanted a doormat

We should've been friends
And I'd do it again
If you and I could get back
Back on the highway
I thought we'd share our lives
Me husband, you wife
Now I'm confused
And battered and I'm bruised

Why are you so mean
Now your ruptured my spleen
And my lowest extremities
If we were alone
And your parents weren't home
I'd now a hundred obscenities

Chorus 2x

If I really loved you
This is what you'd do
Oh baby, I can love you
Right through that vid
'Cause that's the way you show me
How much you love me
Or is it really something
You're trying to say

Chorus 2x

Right where it counts
Repeat 12x

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