Grasp of Insanity


Dissipating! A nail through the edge of my coffin.
All hope´s gone. A nail through the edge.

Submerging to a state of more perfection.
All hope´s gone. A last produced illussion.

Architecture with a wish for more permanence.
All hope´s gone. A dream lost in decay.

Set aside all the strains that are holding me.
Freed at last from the grasp of insanity.
My adaption to retain reality.
Caused by revalation from within. From Within. From Within.

Striving to get away, madness.
Poised to strike behind my back.
Left but still forsaken, draining.
All my hatered left within for you to taste.

Distant paths of sanity, tasting.
Wide-open sores of nightmares.
Dreams that are bleeding through, draining.
Desperation left within for you to taste.
Taste! For you to taste!

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