Fear Of The Sick And The Dead


This is the new breed body.
Ten days to be putrified.
Disect the soft skin tissue.
Unearth your shallow grave.
If this excavation last.
Bring future science ahead.
In short supply new flesh.
Bodies flood the strees.
Please bring me Dr. Night.
The Messiah of the unborn.
Post mortem man-hunters.
Deliver all your cold.

Ressurect, Is this our new breed design.
Improve, Is this flawless perfection.
History, Reach out your own saving arm.
Sunligth, hit right to the future.

Seek answers inside people.
You found your own existence.
Improving human bloodlines.
Was this the missing link,
To new perfect design?
A severely unsolved puzzle.
The lovestorys first kiss.
Knowing that nothing last.

Is this our new breed design,
Flawless perfection life?
Dark reminder of inteligence
Life is a delicate state.

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