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Caught In The Middle


You said that love was just a state of mind
A puzzle made of pieces you can't find
But for me you never really had the time
I was blind, No..

And everything that you meant to me
Is written in the pages of my history
But it's over now as far as I can see

Things are so different now you're gone
Thought it'd be easy I was wrong
And now I'm caught in the middle
Even though I'm with someone new
All I can think about is you
And now I'm caught in the middle

Movin' on she brings me brighter days
Thoughts of you are in my mind always
Like a memory, that I can't erase
It's hereto stay


(So different)So different
(So easy)So easy
(But I can't get over you) And I can't get over you x2

Chorus x3

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Written by: Rick Mitra / Ben Adams / Paul Marazzi / Chris Porter. Isn't this right? Let us know.