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You Can Keep Feeling

Aaron Carter

Maybe your the one who is the only secret I keep
there's no one like you
all the dreams you have i don't want any
yeah! it's all yours( all yours)
maybe your the only one that let me have wonderful happness
we can fall in love and be together
on that day all my sadness will be all gone
yeah! gave it to you-all my love (all my love)
(chorus (1) )
belive it i will
you can keep feeling
your the one in my life in my heart is my meaning of living
all my love you can keep feeling
that your the only person only one that i'm living with

maybe your the one when it's dark alone with me
holding hands dreaming of our feature
In this dream world has our dream inside it
yeah! my feature wish will come ture( will come ture)
( chorus(2) )
I do have alot
you can keep feeling
your the one in the hole world hole universe that's only for me
yeah! only, your the only for me (only for me)
all love
you can keep feeling
you'll with me to the farest to the nicest place

maybe that place is too far
maybe that place is very dangers
but i belive we'll survive
never felt bad when we're together
love will only for you and me
yeah! you can keep feeling
(chorus (1) )
(chorus (2) )
oh! yeah! I LOVE YOU

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