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Well I guess the best way
for me to begin, is, the other day
I was hanging with some friends.
Going around the room talking about our favorite noise,
I said I had a brother in the Backstreet Boys.
So everyone screamed:
"Hey is this some kind of trick?"
"Yeah, which one is he?"
The blond one Nick!
Then the cutest girl said:
"I have to see their show, but I have no ticket Aaron,
How can I go?"
Your wish is my command! See it's no problem hun,
In fact I'll get some tickets here for everyone.
All I gotta do is just pick up the celly, and it's a done-deal.
Let me call Nick and tell him.
By the way Aaron, if you could while you'll at it,
Can you hook up some seats for my friends and my parents?
So I said to myself, well heck, why not. There's nothing that
can beat the connection I got!

Chorus-(Sung by No Secrets)
Aaron, Oh Aaron
What are you going to do?
You're making the promises oh so big
How will you make them come true?
Aaron, Oh Aaron
What are we going to do with you?
Always making the bigger mistake
Always make him the fool

Aaron: Yo I gotta make this phone call
(Phone rings)
Nick: Hello?
Aaron: Yo Nick I need a favor from you dude!
I promised people tickets so you gotta come
Nick: Sure bro, how many do you need?
Aaron: One, two, uhh three thousand three!
Nick: WHAT?!?! I can get you maybe a dozen!
You can't promise seats to everyone and their
cousin! What did you do, how did you get in to this
Aaron: I was talking to this girl....
Nick: Hold you're breath, I know the rest. I guess you
gotta get yourself a whole lotta money!
Aaron: For three thousand tickets Nick, that isn't funny!
How am I supposed to pull this off in so little time?
Nick: You got me Aaron, that's your problem, not mine!


How in the world can he do that to me?!
I thought we were blood,! I thought we were family!
We're getting to the show, we'll get good seats
Everyone in the bus, get off you're coming with me!
I'm telling you guys, when we get to the gates,
He can never say no when he looks at my face

Aaron: Hook me up Nick man I swear I'll pay you back!
Nick: Come to think about it, we need an opening act.
Aaron: What do you want me to do? Tell jokes, dance or act?
Nick: Nah I want you on stage...I want you to rap.
Cause if you don't you gonna have some disapointed friends
And by the way you're on at eight, its when the show begins!

Chorus to fade

"Now...opening up for the backstreet boys...
give it up for Aaron Carter!!"

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