There is something down the border
Something that you can’t control
So why don’t you let it be
Leave this problem

If you close your eyes for this matter
And realize you can’t control
Go and stock your stash instead
‘Cause they’re coming

Just let me pack my stuff and say goodbye to here
Tripping on the way to leave home
Pretending I don’t see the cops outside the street
Tripping on the way to leave home

Now I’m long gone with no water
Can’t survive with sticks and stones
Then a drifter comes to me with a story
Of a lonely man in the desert
Talking with himself all along
With his vulture friend ahead
Screaming nonsense

I should just quit before it tries to attack me
Do they even feast on good weed?
With all this LSD just running inside of me
Maybe I could try to ride it, oh.

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