And I’m ok
I say what I say ‘cause I wanna say it
I’m never backing down and give in all the pressure
They say never give up
Cut that sentimental crap ‘cause you live for the money

I say what I say when I wanna say it
I’ll give you summer teeth and a bag of tomatoes
But why?
I won’t tell you why
Just remember that in life all comes up with a price

And then they go, such a joke
What do they think?
Playing cover songs all night long for a drink
Makes me wonder what the hell is going on with you
Tell me what you gonna say and tell me what you gonna do

Our life is a sacred haste
If you wanna join in then you better be true
Show me what you got don’t show me what you hear
What’s your fucking reason for walking away?

We’re heavy hitters

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