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Well i had myself a girlfriend
for almost two whole years
we had ourselves no secrets
we had no fears
there was nothin we wouldn't do
when we were in the sack
she'd even pop a zit on my back
one night i was out a-cheatin'
after i'd had a few
she caught me red handed
and said "we're through"
now she got a new boyfriend
it nearly gave me a heart attack
cause who's gonna pop this zit on my back?
well i got a pimple and i don't know why
it keeps growin' in the same place
i can't reach it with my left or right hand
i wish it was on my face
it's four days old and it hurts so bad
but it's ready for a squeeze
won't somebody pop it for me please?
i'll give you ten dollars
if you're a girl in this lonely world
and you're lookin' for a guy
i'll never cheat again, i promise
that's no lie
there's only one thing i ask of you,
could we name our first child zach?
oh, one more thing,
please pop this zit on my back
(i'm dyin' here!)
a pimple-ay-hee
a pop-a-doodle-e-doo
well i'm sittin' alone
by the phone
and no one seems to call
i try to scrape my zit off
on the kitchen wall
well that don't work
so i look around
and find a big shiny thumb tack
put it on the floor, layed down,
popped the zit on my back.
(yeah... rock steady man)

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