I feel so far away from you, day by day a little more,
hatred fills my heart and envy tears my soul apart.
In my dreams fades every light and darkness brings the dawn of scorn.
God, is this your anger? Have you forsaken me?
I hear a whisper in the night...

Neither death nor life, neither angels nor deamons can separate me.
Neither past nor future, neither heaven nor hell can seprate me from you.

I feel empty, I feel sad, day by day a little more.
I see their graves and weep for even I will have to sleep.
Is life a bitter-tasting dream and waking up just means to die?
God, can you hear me? Is there eternity?
I hear a silent voice inside...

Wordless I smile to you. There's nothing separating us.
You take my sins. In you I'm strong.
I feel the strength to carry on...

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