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Baby, Baby

Ali Kilo

When I'm alone in my room
Sit, stare at the wall
Brother can't find no love at all
I'm gonna find you girl somewhere, somehow
I need you right now
Search the world, couldn't find that feelin
Cause your love is a one in a million
Cause I like the way that you touch me
And I like the way you fuck me
And I'll really make it worth my while
I said Woof Woof Woof Woof, doggy style
Cause you're on my mind, on my thoughts
Let me see your body talk
I'm makin love on a whole 'nother level
Have you ever danced with the Devil
When I'm around you I feel like this
A kiss is just a kiss

[girl] Baby, baby
[kilo] Oh, work it on me
[girl] Baby, baby
[kilo] I need your love-ee
[girl] Baby, baby
[kilo] Baby, baby
[girl] Baby, baby
[kilo] And I want you to know that

Just cause I'm a lover, niggaz talk shit
?????, get up off the dick
Cause they try me, and they push me
I'm fuckin these niggaz like pussy
But a nigga ain't gay
I said uh UH UH, it's your birthday
Same hoe talk about i'm a busta
Yeah, I fucked her
I rocked her world
Cause she use to be, use to be my girl
For just one night, I said ??? we're tight
She still think I'm Stevie Wonder
Well I'd like to thank your momma
When I'm around you I feel like this
A kiss is just a kiss


You can blame it on the lover in me
The heavy weight cut of the champion Ali
And in the hood I'm a menus
Hold on, sit down, let me talk, let me finish
I get that ass
Keep the camera rollin, i'm kinda fast
Get all the girls, and I shock the world
Cause he was freakin off the wall
And it be like that
When you be trying, to break that back
I give my number to the ladies
Cause I would love to love you baby
When I'm around you I feel like this
A kiss is just a kiss

[chorus x2]

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