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Show Me Love

Ali Kilo

I wanna show you (show you)
You buster (you buster)
You wanna love me (love me)
Now show me love (show me)

I flow like a butterfly and sting like a bee
it's meeeee, Aliiiii
and its good to be strong in the game
and you know this MAN
your so good cant refuse it
this is my shadow this is my music
you start fire, you start funk
now you see me, now you dont
soul to soud, side to side
shawly shuky shuky now
cut up cut up in the dish
how much cut up do you wish?
I dont play, i'm no toy
i'm rollin it up for my homeboys
I start on it, there will be no stop
you cant beat me boy, i'm SUPERMAN


I rap too fast, makin that cash
cuttin up like a piece of glass
Imagine if you can
if you can rap like Kilo man
flllll-bass, flllll-low
I live inside your radio
so dont give me no hastle
for i'm the king of the castle
and a brain supreme
you who am I?......Kilo the dream
That's right ha ha
that's it ha ha
some times a brother trips
I know you admire me
I didnt mean to dis you i'm sorry
I appologize, but you better recognize
what is crap if you dont know crap
what is rap if you really cant rap then
who in the hell said they wanted a little more
what in the fuck do you take me for?
i'll never go out for the die
and you you'll never take me alive
oh la, can you feel the party jumpin?.....ha ha


Say I, I made that pussy hurt
to sexy for my shirt
we didnt know know why
I put my dick on the side of her mouth
she came all down my pants
she got up and danced
and then she started sayin, oh ah, I love your ding a ling
she told the rest of the girls I was little
but I can go 24 in the middle
fuckin girls is part of my diiiiick
bumped de bump, remember that
from the back, looked kinda fat
Shi-Shi you made me scream
Shi-Shi was 17
Shi-Shi was a beauty queen
Shi is a name, budda G, budda G

(chorus)till end

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