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I Won't Miss You

Alisha's Attic

After six months of living with him she thinks
"I gotta get myself an interest"
Trying to get over what's gone before
But no-one told her, you never get over
You just learn to live with it
She got no bow and arrow, army pants and pigtails
She ain't got to be no-one's dolly and at nobody's whim
She got her shoes, her blues, her big red heart
She walks to the door, and she says

Mm, I'm going now, goodbye babe I wont miss you
It's been a long road, but it's a fine time
To get myself a little respect

He always thought that if she lost the plot she couldn't
Get back up and find herself a new way
Ha! What a hypocrite he turned out to be
And now he's watching 24-hour shopping tv
And she refused to lose, to bruise
Boohoo you fool you misconstrued her
She walks to the door and she knows she'll
Never look back, never look back, she says


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