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Alkaline Trio

She's black and red and built just like a spy plane
Extracting information from my mind
The photographs she takes into her mainframe
For your eyes only lonely cold war time

Now after all the city falls just like the night or an angel does

Leave me here alone to collect my things
She sees music in the terror she brings
And like a technicolor dream
The light in your eyes blinded me
From the perch she softly smiled
My blackbird softly smiled

She's built for speed and made for keeping secrets
Stark and dark against enemy skies
For miles above the earth no-one could detect her
My blackbird blows a kiss that ends mankind

And all this time there is no crime or treason that she hasn't seen

SR-71 Blackbird from the heaven above
She's the only one
The only spy I ever loved
She's the only spy I ever loved

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