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Is This Thing Cursed

Alkaline Trio

Is this thing cursed?
This goddamn thing's the worst
Now one look in that direction
And everything starts to hurt

Is this thing cursed?
It's been around for years
And everytime my boat's about tits up
That goddamn thing is near

I tried to throw it in the river
But it washed up in my sink
And now the city cut my water
And it's all I have to drink

Is this thing cursed?
If it is then I'm the jerk
Who keeps on hanging around
When I simply should just burn it to the ground

Maybe it's some kind of spell
That I've been living under
Collecting coins found near a nightmare wishing well
Coldest regards signed my name and sealed the card
Tried to leave it all behind me and almost blew up in my car

Is this thing cursed?
Is this thing cursed?
Is this thing cursed?
My haunted

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