Another Chance Has Come and Gone
And I've Allowed My Faith
To Fade Into the Background.
How Can I Claim to Be Like Your Son?
And Keep Hanging On to What I Know?
He Has Died to Me From

I'm Tired of Blending It
I'm Tired of Being One of the Crowd
While Everyone Knows My Name
Nobody Knows My God.
I Don't Wanna Be Another Camoflauge Soul
Cuz I've Been That Way Too Long.
I Don't Wanna Be Another Camoflauge Soul.

I've Finally Realized the Danger of Sitting On the Sidelines.
Conformity Is Failure.
I Have the Disguise to Look the Part.
But I Don't Wanna Wear Your Cross Around My Neck and Not Have the Peace in My Heart.


I've Got a Change of Heart
And Now I'll Change My Mind
I'm Ready For a Brand New Start
Now I've Got to Change My Life. (4x)


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Written by: All Together Separate. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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