I`ll give my life away tomorrow
Tonight I felt a hand as it caressed my soul
My heart right now is soft and uneasy
`Cause part of me enjoys the storm
Make it not so...
And I`ll tell the world about you tomorrow
But tonight I`d rather spend one more night alone out in the cold
The shadows are closing in
My confidence is wearing thin
The dawn might prove that the night was just to show

Make it not so
Make it unso
`Cause I got to let you know
Today all I see is what I can`t be
Can you make it not so...

It`s undeniable the way that you spoke to me
All my questions answered in a moment of clarity but....
Since then I started worry
I can`t remember why or when
I started thinking about this bargain
I cannot keep up my end but.......
I know YOU got a plan for me and until then YOU started this change
in me and YOU`LL be there until the end
But right now, right now you seem so far away
But I know you can here me say....


Make it not so
`Cause this world is not enough for me
Its promises of destiny are empty at best
And I see a narrow path straight ahead of me
But I'm too afraid to take the first step
Can you make it not so...

I`m walking out that door tomorrow

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