Did You See That New Girl?

Alyssa McKay

Oh my God, did you see the new girl?
What new girl?
Over there
I think her name's Jenny
Is she pretty?
What a pity
Let's go see if her daddy's got money

Oh my God, hey
Your name is Jenny, right?
You could be a model if weren't for your height
Oh my God, I see it
Don't you though?
Wait, really?
No, you stupid hoe

Let me guess
You care about your grades
You set the dinner table
And you make minimum wage?

Shut up
Your Channel bag is so cute
It's fake
Ew, your Gucci boots too
Fake designer?
I guess that means you are broke, right?
You walk to school while we catch private flight

Oh my God, did you get those jeans from Sears?
Own, I think I see a tear
Just kidding
Don't take any of that to heart
If you want some advice though, here's a place to start

Fix your teeth
Brush your hair
You should shave
Why so sad?
Where's our thanks?
You are just mad
We are not fake
Wanna go shopping?
Aww, sorry, girl
There's only room for two

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