Ooh Ah Ooh Ah Ooh Ah
I'll sell your charity causes though I don't really care
I'll push your diets to teenagers
You can show me in my underwear
These things will lead to movies
Maybe a recording deal
I'll sing and I'll dance, I'll act and I'll smile
I'll be famous and surreal
I'll be the latest idol
On every magazine
Famous for being famous
Famous for being seen/famous for being me

I want to be a celebrity
I want to see my face on TV
I don't want money and I don't want fame
I just want to buy things and the world to know my name

In the shopping centre kids will mob me
Grab for photographs that I'll have signed
I'll blush and I'll smile so sheepishly
And share with them my mind
You'll want to know me
You'll want to be with me
You'll want to be seen with me
You'll want to be me

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