No matter how tight I hold you
I feel too far away
I just can't get close enough to you
I want to be your pain
Our bodies clamp together
Even that is not enough
I wanna be joined forever
Don't want to ever give you up
If I move real slow in your direction
Could I take a step into another dimension?

Skin Skin Skin on Skin
I wanna get closer wanna get right in
Right in, in under your skin
Where the world can't get me
You can lock me in (x2)

You give me much but I want more
Need to feel every inch
Need to slide in every pore
Got to know you from outside as well as from the in
And the only way to do that is from under your skin
I want to share with you your mystery
I want your 'what's to come' and your history
You don't need to show me, I know the way in
Just let me peer out from inside your skin
Everything I want your everything everything everything

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