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If I had a crystal ball, I would throw it against the wall
'Cause some things you just don't wanna know
So don't try to read my palm or predict what we'll become
'Cause the real thing just needs space to grow
I do believe in us, but
But you can't fast forward through
The kinda deep only time can prove
What's the rush, baby, trust what faith can do


Let's not play the game of love with scared money
Let's not say what we'll become
Let's just roll the dice and throw away the cards
You don't have to push so hard
'Cause the gypsy in me needs to roam your heart

You know I would live my life
Out of a suitcase every night
Before I'd let you tie me down
So just lean back and relax
Feel your bare feet in the grass
And let love run on open ground
I do believe in you, but
You can't tell a bird not to fly
You can't tell the sun when to shine
What's the rush, baby, we can take our time


The finest tapestry takes patience and the ability to wait
For each thread to support the bigger picture and the largerpurpose
And in the fearless, reackless pursuit of intimate love
It is not the destination it's the journey

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Compuesta por: Amanda Marshall / Billy Mann / Billy Reid / The Molecules. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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