Tuesday night
Seven thirty
I hear a voice on the telephone
Doin' fine
Then it hits me
The voice that i am hearing means you're not alone
I thought it would be easy, but it's not
And now i would give all that i've got, but it's

Too little, too late
No going back to the start
You only lose when you hesitate
And now that i would give you my heart--
It's too little, too latetwo more weeks
I start to wonder
If what i'm missing's really worth these tears
What's the point
You've found another
And i just keep on talking but you just can't hear
You swore you'd wait forever and a day
I never thought i'd live to hear you say
That it's

So mad about me,
You couldn't live without me
Now you say you're "moving on"
I took the long way,
I told you "maybe someday"
I guess i made you wait too long...ohhh.i know i've only got myself to blame
And i still got my pride, but just the same--it's just

And now you tell me, that it's

It's too little...too late.

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Written by: Amanda Marshall / Eric Bazilian. Isn't this right? Let us know.