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Beyond Innsanity


Can you take the pain away?
Could you dry my eyes?
(Take away the lies)
Watch my life drift away.
You can't finalize.
(Fail to compromise)
All the life you've given me.
You can't take away.
Victim of an empty mind.
With all my fear, with blood and tears.
Alone I have to pay!!

I can tell what you feel inside.
I can see what you try to hide.
No love for life that you create.
Born and raised and left to hate.
In my mind there's never anyone to blame.
You are right but you are always causing
All the pain.
Beyond insanity.
That's where you've got to be.
Sifting through the selfish lie that
Call life!

Can't close my eyes today.
All the torment in my head.
(Sin is all you said)
I just try to figure out.
Why my feelings are so dead.
(Hatred is inbred)
To live my life to hate the world.
Is such hypocrisy.
In my mind its only me.
With all the love and all the hate I try
To break free.
Try to break free!!

Can you take the pain away?
My life still left to find.
(Searching all to find)
All the hell you've put me through.
The confusion in my mind
(Confusion makes me blind)
A taste of sin, a taste of sorrow.

Life taken away
Empty house of empty lies
Without my fear I disappear alone you
Have to pay.
Alone you have to pay!!!

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