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God bless the child who has his own.
But all creation isn't carved in stone.
People are blind and they can't decide.
Path of destruction leads to mindless suicide..
Mother looks but she'll never see,
All the abuse, why don't we just set her free!!!

We are trapped in a fortress of insanity.
Life's potential, lost to hypocrisy.
Aggravation turning to aggression, slipping slowly
Into repression.
We can look and we can see,
The winds of change must set her free.
Leave her be!! The winds of change, lost!!, in irony.
Breaking down the walls of hate
and all of those who separate.
Segregation, civil war, tearing down confining doors.
The fall of solidarity, burn the flag, set me free.
Time for change, disengage, now its time to
Rearrange, my life.

Necessity!! Necessity!!
Conformity!! Conformity!!
Uniformity of their policy!!
Sanity!! Sanity!!
Insanity!! Insanity!!
Deformity of what's meant to be!!

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