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Kick Me

Amy Studt

A thousand times i,
Question myself i,
I admit it that you hurt me, and lost the game,
Why was i not in control?
I dont no but that the thing,
Some how you broke through my defences,
No protection from your sting....

Lets play,
Oh i wanna play that game,
That game,
Where you find pleasure in my pain,
I know,
Coz' its like wearing a sign that says,
Kick me, kick me,
Lets play,
The game you play so well,
That game,
Come on now give me hell,
Hey you!
Is that the best you can do,

Its not that i need you,
To do what your used to,
Its just you've numbed all senses,
I need to feel,
Some girls can only take so much,
Until they break cant take no more,
I'd rather lie,
So why deni,
I've been hurt by you before...


Lets play,
Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on etc...
Bring it on....bring it on.....

Lets play that game,
You find pleasure in my pain,
So kick me....kick me....


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