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False Smiles

Amy Studt

They kept a saying; you don't wanna go playing, with the big boys.
Just stick to the backyard; just stay in your mothers arms.
Did you expect me to believe all of the evil lies you whispered when the lights went out?
There's good in everyone, but you only taught me how to hate.
I'm trying hard just to hold my head up from the shadows
There's more dark than light in me
But you painted that, but you created that
So keep on walking by, don't turn around, just stop pretending that you care
For all the false smiles, there's another dying child
Give me another taste,
Of what you've got to give, I know that I can live life afraid
Take me, one last time
I wanna feel the pain; I wanna feel the shame all the way
(I want to feel ×4)

I'm realising how much that you can hide behind a pretty face
All the secrets that lie inside, jump out and scar leave without a trace
So I believe I'll find salvation on the other side of the road
For all the false smiles, there's another dying child


I'll keep on fighting, keep on writing all the things that you don't want to hear
Just because I'll strike a home truth, of what you want to make disappear

I'll never disappear

Chorus ×2

I want to feel ×4

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