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You're Gonna Be Fine

Amy Studt

Constantly finding ways to fill the empty space,
But still it seems,
That nothing touches you anymore,
And you're not really sure,
Which way to turn...

If you feel the sadness sweep you off you feet,
Dont hold in, the things that you feel,
Dont be ashamed, of who you are,
And dont be afraid to stand your ground,

Cuz i feel,
End of the day,
You'r once step closer to finding your way,
And although,
You may think you're out of time,
You're gonna be fine...
(repeat chorus)

You should know that things arent always as they seem,
So why still swim in the depths of the tide,
Thats pulling you in,
Makes you think your life has been,
A waste of time...

Leave the shade, and step back into the glare,
Piece of mind awaits you there,
Dont be afraid to stand your ground,
And dont be ashamed of who you are,

Cuz i feel (chorus x2)

You never had the help to find your way,
Theres nothing you could do or could say,
But you have to find your one that sticks to love,
Just look inside of you,
You gotta make your own way through, yeah!

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