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Bad Girls


Toot toot (Toot toot)
Toot toot (Toot toot)
Toot toot, Yeah (Toot toot)
Toot toot
Baby, can...c'mon

Bad girls
Talking about the sad girls
You know that sad girls
I'm talking about the bad, bad girls

See them out on the street at night (walkin')
Picking up on all kinds of strangers
(If the price is right) You can score
If you're pocket's nice
But you want a good time, heeey
You ask yourself, who they are? Yeah
Like everybody else, they come from near and far
*I think I need a bad girl*
*Look up here baby, cause I'll be you're bad girl*
*C'mon bad girl*
Baby, baby, don't you know that
You're such a bad girl
Baby, c'mon
I need you, c'mon bad girl


Friday night and the street is hot
Sun goes down and they're about to trot
Spirit's high and they look hot, aaooh
Do you wanna get down, yeeah
You ask yourself, who they are? wooooooh
Like everybody else, they wanna be a star
Don't you know that
Don't you know you're such a bad girl for me, wooh
Ah Baby, ah baby, ah baby, you're such a bad girl
I'm such a bad girl, yeah
*Party people, put your hands together*
*C'mon, woooh, yeah *
*And all the bad girls scream*
Yeah, yeah
Baby, I'm down just tonight
I'm such a bad girl
You're my bad girl
Such a naughty bad girl
You're my naughty bad girl
I really want you, I really need you
(Sad girls, sad girls)
(You're such a dirty sad girl)
You know you're such a bad girl
Baby, I'm such a bad girl (sad girls, sad girls)
Such a bad girl, yeah, yeah (such a bad to girl to you)
Yeah, ah baby, ah baby, ah baby
Baby, baby, baby
Want you to love me, now
Yeah yeah, c'mon, I want you to love me, baby
Baby, baby, I want you to love me, girl
Baby, baby, I want your lovin' bad girl
Bad girl

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Written by: Bruce Sudano / Donna Summer / Eddie Hokenson / Joe Esposito. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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