Let’s Get Higher

And One

With your head upside down
I will spin you around
Like a yo-yo made for me
And the fear in your sound
Fakes a happy dog perfectly
You're the wet leather queen
For my bending machine
The fear in your eyes
Like a wonderful dream
Lets get higher
Cumming around
Don't be typical physical
I'm still your little flower
I know
I know it's hurting by now
And if you scream like a siren
I will hit you down with a wire
To the ground
I am stealing your breath
With some kisses of death
Are you sure that you want more?
Cause it's a question of math
Before you're ending on the bathroom floor
I tell you the truth, there's really no one like
But by tha way
Why turns your face into blue?
Lets get higher...
Oh darling, despite the black collar
You really love me more than lassiel?

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