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Another Nights Get Longer

Andre Matos

Last night I thought I heard this voice
it was calling, whispering my name
But the silence came
Then the sweet sleeping sound of the pouring rain
Thrilling sights, a source of desires
the unexpectable fire comes
So I'll have my drink, gonna have my time
Gonna kick up my heels and this night will be mine

This time I will not fall back
And this time I will not regret
Of the choices made, or the things unsaid
'Cause I know that a storm's gonna come to wash it all away

People dance, people talk, people shine
While another night gets longer
Betting dimes, losing rhymes, it's alright
While another night gets longer
You'll find me alone sometimes *
Following the lights or hidden in the dark
But my life for life just gets stronger **
While another night gets longer
(and this night gets longer) **

Bright lights - there I walk in disguise
But my home is heaven, it's my paradise
But when home is far
Sometimes destination is another bar

But I can't play the clown
Or a hero lost in a strange town
I'm a simple man, got my songs to write
And I've got these old movies in black and white

And I take my cup of tea
I'm addicted to a Parker's theme
When the 30's are here, got a little peace
And a picture of life in the way it was meant to be


I'll go again *
Spread my thoughts thought this big city motion **
I'll go again *
Run back home and put music in my emotions **
and play it on and on again **

* Eduardo Falashi
** André Matos
other lines: Cristopher Clark

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