When The Sun Cried Out

Andre Matos

It was a day when the sun cried out
it was a moment to burden the doubt
whatever lingers will never reveal
whatever leftover wishes conceal and it´s clear

like the rain:all my fears define who I am
and I hear loud and long, everywhere, a mythical song
hung in the sky, a lonely star
caught in the twitlight it dances apart

stuck at the gates where the dead stepped
in a subtle hollow spreads out from within and I see
all the way what my eyes could never convey
and it´s near,closer now everywhere,a mystical sound

Oh... let me know don't fly away, I'm here
I need to know when will the rain pour down again
coming down over us,washing the past with a smile

to he top of the hill
reach out the sky awake from the dream
now I know we´ll fly away,we´re free
here we go the falling rain will come again
no matter where or when,it will pour down in the end.

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