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Shift The Night Away

Andre Matos

Ran away,in a fragment of despair
from a vicious threat such a damage to repair
finding the truth,where all have already searched
is the only way to fulfill a soul with lust

lust for revenge in a world full of sins
something we´re building now never figured in dreams
banal intentions mold a personality needles to mention
madness and insanity lust for a chance in a world full of wins
what are we searching now that belong to our dreams?

Shift the night away (Shift the night away)
Nothing else could let us fall
We´re building up our hopes
we´re trusting them again
and suddenly a sign will be found

Make a stand start all over in your inner core
some day what has caused your suffering
will reset you back for more (will reset you back)

Shift the night away...

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