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Starstruck Bastard

Leah Andreone

Hunting you
Summon you
A star will shoot tonight
I call the shots
I lay the laws
I'm everything you need

More than a fan
A prophecy man
Cuz I could save your life
Repeat after me
I love you, I love you, I love you

School bells screaming
Buses racing me home
Voices speaking
Someday you're gonna run the show

Starstruck bastard
No one else matters
Louder gets louder
Stopping gets faster

Looks start staring
Hands are daring
No one else matters
Starstruck bastard
Starstruck bastard

Seconds last
Hours pass
And days never end
Creating a memory
The things you never said

You're the flush
Before lips crush
The raindrop in the fire
I'm not like the rest
An obtrusive mess
Cuz I love you to death

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Written by: Bob Marlette / John Lowery / Leah Andreone. Isn't this right? Let us know.