Lost my luggage out in Kalamazoo
Same way I tend to lose my conscience too
Another day in these dirty old blues
And I don't seem to mind

This is a thing that confounds me
You can find me, you surround and remind me
When I lose my way and I forget about you
You still remember me

Isn't it love
This rain that falls on the sinner and the saint
Isn't it love
This well that won't run dry
Isn't it love
These mercies are made new every morning

And when I think about that prodigal son
I've gotta smile when I see the old man run
And I know that you love us the same
'cause the sun came up today

just as if we deserved it
just as if every one of us fools was worth it
truth is that we'll never be perfect
but you love us just the same

Isn't it love to look down from the sky
And see your only son on the cross asking why
And somehow let him die that way
And not call the whole thing off

All for a man here in Kalamazoo
Who loses his bags and his way sometimes, too
But that was something that you already knew
And still you died for me

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