When i'm riding...
Well, i can tell from the road ahead that the road is long

And when i'm flying...
Well, i can tell from the way it feels that it can't be wrong

You can't tell me 'bout the way it was
And you can't show me what a real man does
But i can see what you do with my eye

When i'm high...
Well, i can see myself and not know where i am

And when i'm dying...
Well, i can loose my breathe and still have full command

You can't see me like the way i can
You're talking to me but you never listen, man
And i won't to listen to the way you were
Or why you had to do it like you did to her
I'm hanging by a thread from the fabric of the open sky
When i'm high...

When i'm lying...
Well, i don't claim to speak your truth or keep your peace
And that confirms i never knew your disbelief
And now you see me where i stand
With your bride

When i'm high...

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