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I Don't Like Anyone

Jessica Andrews

Suki says we're all downtown
so what's my problem
i don't wanna socialize
why don't they leave me alone
bad boys, jealous girls
been there, done that
i just wanna fantasize
a-ahh-ahh, a-ahh, ahh, ahh
staring at the ceiling
thinkin' about you
a-ahh-ahh, a-ahh, ahh ahh
it's a freaky feeling
what can i do

i don't like anyone
the way i like you
i don't go anywhere
if you're not there too
it's not as if i'm hard to please
you're the only one good enough for me
those others just won't do
i don't like anyone but you

they think i'm a little obsessed
up here sending mental telepathy
i'm concentrating on you
i wanna give you everything
but if i do will you think less of me
a-ahh-ahh, a-ahh-ahh, ahh ahh
everybody else just wasting my time
a-ahh-ahh, a-ahh-ahh, ahh ahh
baby can't ya tell, we're two of a kind


a-ahh-ahh, a-ahh-ahh, ahh ahh
staring at the ceiling thinking about you
a-ahh-ahh, a-ahh-ahh, ahh ahh
it's a freaky feeling
what can i do


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Written by: Andy Marvel / Dana Calitri / Martin Briley. Isn't this right? Let us know.