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I heard it on the street that you were seeing someone.
It knocked me off my feet; I guess I walked into that one.
I haven't even cried; now you know that's a lie.
I'm tearin' up inside; this ain't easy.
It's killin' me, I'm goin' crazy.

I think about you every single day,
Every second, every minute, every prayer I pray
To get you back in my arms.
What I'd give to have you around.
Every night I lie awake 'cause I can't sleep.
Midnight to morning feels like a damn week.
I miss you so much I can barely breathe.
You are my everything, everything, everything.
You are my everything, everything, everything to me.

It's gonna take time to finally see things clear.
Even when you're off my mind, you always reappear.
I'm trying to make it through but I really need you.
What can I do to get you back; I'm on my knees beggin' please.

[Repeat Chorus]

I'm on my knees; I'm beggin' please;
Come back to me; You're all I need;
You're everything, everything, everything - I'm goin' crazy!


Oh (I'm on my knees, I'm beggin' please)
(Come back to me, You're all I need) Oh, you are my everything.
(You're everything everything) Everything, I'm going crazy.
Everything, everything, everything to me.

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